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Accelerating Performance in Range and Launch Operation…

Range and Launch Ops

Missile and Payload Integration, Assembly, and Test (IAT)

  • Integration Activities Scheduling and Execution
  • Sub-System / System Level Tests
  • Mission End-to-End Tests
  • Silo Emplacement
  • RF and Telemetry Tests

Mission Control Center Operations

  • Our employees possess in-depth range experience at Eastern Range, Reagan Test Site, Western Range, White Sands Missile Range and Kodiak Launch Complex.
  • Venturi personnel have supported mission operations and integrated flight tests on multiple missions in key leadership positions.

Range and Launch Operations (Radar, Telemetry, Optics, Communications)

  • Instrumentation Analysis
  • Trajectory and Field of View Planning
  • Mission Configuration and Check-Out
  • Data Recording, Processing, and Analysis

Mission Countdowns and Go/No-Go Documents

Launch Facility and Control Center Design/Construction

Launch Team Training and Certification

Employee Entrance