About Venturi Aerospace…


Venturi, Inc. (Venturi), a Huntsville, Alabama-based corporation, is committed to delivering Test and Evaluation, Range and Launch Operations, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Logistics, Program Management and other technical support services to the U.S. Government.

Founded by Michael J. Alvarez in 2006, Venturi applies an employee-centered philosophy defined by five on-going objectives:

  1. Be Huntsville’s best place to work and
    improve our employees’ standard of living;
  2. Be the best in the business in our core competencies;
  3. Focus growth in these areas by providing high-quality people
    who deliver outstanding solutions;
  4. Be recognized as a business and community leader; and
  5. Give back to the community.

Venturi continues to meet these objectives. As evidenced by several company awards from various organizations and numerous employee appreciation certificates and recognition letters from our customers, Venturi has performed and continues to perform as a leader in the government contracting business. Venturi takes care of our employees, so they can deliver the best possible technical solutions to our customers.

Dun & Bradstreet Open
Ratings Certified Top 20% Supplier

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