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Venturi’s QA for all projects and task orders is achieved as part of the overall Quality Control through a comprehensive set of anagement practices and procedures.  Venturi structures its QA approach around three primary entities.  First is the Task Order Lead, second is the technical team put together under his/her leadership, and third is each individual that makes up the team.  Our Task Order Leads have a QA leadership responsibility in that he has solid understanding and possess’ adequate skills in addressing several critical management areas.  He is cognizant of how to address issues in any one of these areas from three different perspectives.  Within each task order, these perspectives are as a team leader, as one individual within a team (the project organization), and as a representative of Venturi.  The task order or team organization supports the QA plan by defining the relationships that are developed and maintained to maximize QA for the project or task.  Finally, each individual supporting the task order is entrusted to the product and its quality through teamwork and the responsibility of ownership in the process of developing and delivering the product.

High Quality Deliverables

Venturi’s Quality Assurance (QA) plan includes formal procedures for Task Order performance and/or milestone reviews.  At a minimum, these reviews require sign-off by the Task Order Lead and the SeaPort-e Program Manager.  To further enhance high quality deliverables, lessons learned are incorporated from previous efforts and are considered in the execution of the task. The informal aspect also includes peer reviews of efforts and the concept of team ownership and responsibility for the products.  Venturi also makes it a standard practice to keep the customer  involved in the progress and issues of the program.  This ensures that there are no surprises in the deliverable for the customer, and it includes them as an integral part of the quality process.

Management Review

All performance reviews will be called for explicitly in each Venturi Statement of Work. Accordingly, these reviews will be linked to the project lifecycle and milestones and will include QA Reviews.  At least one QA review will be required for any Task Order and any and all Quality Assurance reviews will include at a minimum the Task Order Project  Leader.  Delivery of the product will not be made until each deliverable has been through the review and approval cycle.

Corrective and Preventive Measures

Project success is strongly dependent upon preventing technical and operational problems and controlling evolutionary development.  Accordingly, preventive measures are instilled in Venturi’s team members through management orientation, requirements definition, metrics definition, and performance reviews.  The need for corrective measures is discovered through performance reviews and verification procedures and is put into effect through existing mechanisms in a measurable improvement process.  Specifically, it is implemented through testing procedures, verification methodologies, and reports.  Venturi will call out specific test procedures, test criteria, and reports in each Task Order Statement of Work to be agreed upon by the Government on conformance and acceptance of each individual task deliverable.

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