What We Do

Engineering & Professional Services

Venturi provides a range of professional and engineering services to Federal agencies engaged in weapon systems development, including system engineering, test & evaluation, and advanced technology. We deliver program planning and analysis solutions, assist our customers with project management, and support flight test range development and operations.

Systems Engineering

Venturi provides systems engineering support to a variety of customers, defining requirements and plans and performing risk assessment for systems and associated testing. Our system engineers review related requirement and design change requests and analyze capability improvements; assist with the development and maintenance of program technical baseline, participate in system and subsystem engineering technical reviews, and engage in requirements development through the corporate board process.

Test and Evaluation

Since our founding in 2006, Test and Evaluation and Range and Launch Operations have been the foundation of Venturi’s core competencies.

We provide test planning, execution, and assessment from component to system level for ground and flight testing in support of MDA, the US Army, and the US Navy. As the Range Operations Lead for the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska, Venturi played a key role in transitioning Kodiak from basic infrastructure to an operational range. The Venturi team has supported over 150 launches at multiple test ranges.

Hypersonic Systems

With over 10 years of Hypersonic program development and program management experience, our employees support Hypersonic objectives for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the US Army, and the US Navy. Venturi employees have played a pivotal role in technical and logistics support for Hypersonic Vehicle Design and Flight Testing for missions at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii, Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA). Our team has been certified as operators of key flight test console positions during the conduct of complex multi-service hypersonic dynamic flight test experiments. Our employees served on key OSD-level Technology Development Integrated Product Teams helping shape the nation’s strategy for future technology investment in areas of offensive and defensive Hypersonic solutions. We have conducted mission logistics for deployment of the Hypersonic test events at multiple flight test ranges and coordinated the transport of all Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) solid rocket motors and all up rounds.

Program Management

Venturi provides full service programmatic support including strategic planning, budget analysis and operations; development of Integrated Master Schedules; Acquisition Strategy and Milestone Decision Support; Operational Test Planning & Execution; and Risk Management Planning, Analysis, and Mitigation Development.

Facilities Master Planning & Programming

Venturi provides expertise at the Program/Project Manager level to assist customers in developing auditable facilities requirements while identifying potential issues and constraints that could impact MILCON approval and construction efforts.

Meteorological Analysis and Weather Observation

Meteorological and weather observer support involves providing essential services to ensure accurate and timely weather data collection and analysis. By empowering trained meteorologists and observers, we guarantee the quality and integrity of meteorological data. This support is crucial for space launch operations but also informs national and world-wide meteorological models which impact a variety of sectors, including aviation, agriculture, emergency management, and research, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation in the face of changing weather conditions.


Software Engineering